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Rankr is a tinder simulator where you have to discover all secrets
ending of all characters. Be carefull some of them are screwy (most of

Have you ever dreamt of chatting with Nicolas Cage on a fake dating app?
Well.. Rankr doesn't exactly let you live that dream (yet).. but almost
! It should have...


  • Chat with up to 6 characters (7 on support version).
  • Make your way through 17 original endings (21 on support version)!
  • Unlock all 17 achievements to become an irresistible sex machine !
  • Cringe at the badly written dialogue and one dimensional characters !
  • Be surprised with our WTF characters


  • Exclusive character Claudio
  • 4 more endings and achievements!

You can download all the original soundtrack ! here!

Turn on your fake phone, go into our fake app store to download our fake
dating app and match with fake people and hurt their real feelings (and
probably yours too). Do away with those fucking Tinder matches that
don't answer half the fucking time, forget about those ugly ass girls
you get everyday on Once and say goodbye to those fake blonde bimbos
from Bumble. On Rankr, every match will give you her undivided
attention, and - who knows - might even land you in jail ! And once
you're in there, you'll have all the time in the world to unlock the 17
original endings to get all the achievements (because you know very well
your life will never feel complete without them).

You can download all the original soundtrack ! here!

Game originally made in 48 hours during the 4th EpicGameJam

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/RankrGame/


Dan Bourquin (Game dev , UI Dev)

Julien Bono (Scenario)

Silvia (Scenario)

Romane Donnet (Dialogue software, Game Dev, UI Design)

Press kit are available on : https://presskit.to/rankr

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 2.9 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
AuthorsVadeMetro, viveleltsi
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Dark Humor, Dating Sim, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Funny, Multiple Endings, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


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Rankr v1.3 - PC.zip 91 MB
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Rankr v1.3 - MAC.zip 107 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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So is this just a generic  dating app simulator  or is there any actual adult content? The  summary  wasn't  very clear and the previews look entirely  text chat based. 

try to launch support but it wont i paid 3$ for it just to tell me i need rankr_data

Hello. Sorry if it doesnt work well.

Can you tell me more about what version did you try. What is exactly the bug and on what plateform are you.

If you want I can ask Itch.io to refund you!

Have a nice day

i managed to fix the problem luckily. all it needed was the config files and etc to be in a folder named "rankr_data", also i like the game its pretty good hope there will be more work on it soon


I have question will there be a female version of this game for women because I have inkling I think 90% women out there want to play this game on steam and 90% of online women who never played a video game will want to play female version Rankr.  It might intrigue many people I am kind serious on this thought. 

Hello Caroline,
Thank you for your message. We agree with you about the lack of male protagonists. It's not really a "man" or "female" question, but more about what gender can you talk with. For now, here's what we have:
* 4 x Female characters
* 1 x Male character (on paid version)
* 2 x Unknow gender
* 1 x Character with no gender
So it would be great to have more male character. We are looking for scenarists who could help us. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested to create male character conversations.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you ! We are working on a new version on PC/Mac/Linux. Depending of the succes we would consider Android (there's a lot to change to fit on Android). But that's a good idea :)

Glad you like the game!


This game is awesome!

Hey, guys, your game idea is totally awesome, buuut.. when I try to run it I get this:

I changed my screen resolution but no help. Pity, I was so enthusiastic to give it a try..

Every time I try to open the game I get a white screen that doesn't respond and I have to close it out. Happens just after the dev logo, I assume it's when it's loading the main menu.

It could take some time to load the game with this white screen. Did you try to wait a little bit like 20 or 30 seconds? Can you contact me with your computer configuration at vademetrogame@gmail.com . Thank you for your feedbacl!


Love the new update! Everything feels and looks so much better! I can't believe the endings I got this time around! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you so much!


I played Rankr a second time and found myself a freaky girl! This game has me hooked! Too fun!


Thanks for your video!


I had a chance to play through this game, and upload a video of my experience. Man, this brought back some bad online dating experiences, and REALLY made me glad I found my girlfriend NOT online. I unlocked 5 of the possible 17 endings, and had a lot of creepy, creepy fun doing it. Looking forward to seeing what other characters you add. Hope you enjoy the video! :)

Hey! Thank you for the video! Don't forget to subscribe to our "chanel" to get information about the next update =)


i lov it 

Thank you very much ! Feel free to talk about Rankr to your friends =)


Totally jailbait and creepy but loved it xD


Hi, if you have the desire, I would like to translate your project into
Russian language. I can write if you are not hard to send a dialogue of
translation and image are required to translate.

Hello ! That's a very kind idea! Can you contact us by email to vademetrogame@gmail.com ?


Ок I wrote to you, my soap here andredron_rus@bk.ru

The text you sent


Having trouble getting this to run on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 - 

Issue In Game: Download app. Put in nickname. First profile shows up - with no photo. And then no matter where I click, app doesn't respond.

On Mac: unzip game, drag folder to apps, and launch. Also tried running with icon separate from folder in Apps - and on desktop. Game will launch, but always locks up. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling game.

Looks like a fun game and hope to try. Any ideas how I might fix this? Thanks! 

Thank you for your comment. Mac version seems to have a bug. We are going to release a new version as soon as possible.

The bug is fixed on V1.21 ! Thank you for your help :)


Nice! Yeah, I'm not having this bug anymore. Thank you!

Deleted 4 years ago

We will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your comment!

The new 1.22 version should fixe this bug!

Deleted 4 years ago

I'm having the exact same problem, except that I am trying to run the PC version  (OS is Windows 10).

The new 1.22 version should fixe this bug! Can you try it and tell us if it's work? =)


Yes, it works now! :)

(1 edit)

Hello. How can i have the complete version ? Thx !

This is the complete version! If you want to have access to the two lock character you just have to win some ranker coin by unlocking ending with others characters! Thank you for playing and feel free to give us feedback!


I tried chatting with heather and the game locked up and nothing happened.


If you use the Mac version you bug should be fixed on the new V1.21 version!


One small issue with that I don't have a mac. You know, how about you just accept that you made a flawed game (an activity really because a game would mean there was something I could control on my end) fix the flaws and thank me for pointing it out? Not tell me I need to download a different version of your shit game to get a better result. I have enough games in the visual novel spectrum on itch.io that I don't need to fix your mistakes.


Hello :) 

I assume you had a Mac but before that I ask you your configuration but you didn't give me an answer. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience and if you want you can tell us the problem. You are free to download or not the new version. Our goal is you happiness :) 

Have a good day !


This is an excellent game. The chats feel realistic. I played it twice, and the two females feel and speak with distinct personalities. The UI adds to the realism, too. Look forward to the final version! PS: Who the heck is Alex the Che Guevara fanboy? Why is he texting me?!

Thank you! Alex is a special boy who don't like the actual world! You can help him to change it or try to stop him =)

I'll have to stop that guy! He's interrupting me as I try to chat up the ladies haha!

hey there i played your game for my channel :P 

Thank you very much!

Definitely one of the funniest games i've played recently, i'd add some music in the background or some ambient noises, but it's ok. 

In the new 1.2 version we had some music and fx sound =) Feel free to try it and give us feedbacks!


I think I won the game pretty fast! Atleast If I do say so myself!


Shit like this clickbait never should be in a place like itch.io. Make games to play and enjoy, you don't need this kind of images...shame


We encourage you to try the game because the clickbait picture are made on purpose. It a critic to Tinder and all kind of indecent profile pic you can find.

And if you play the game you'll understand that behind a pretty picture can hide weird character...

But We understand without playing you can imagine we only want to be a clickbait game. It was the risk with our choices.

Feel free to try the game and tell us what do you think =)


Great Game - Loved it

Thank you for playing! We have push a new version with improved graphic! Feel free to give us feedbacks!


I had to play this game a second time! I really wanted to see the other conversations with the different people in the game, as well as unlock the different achievements! Really love this game!

We add 3 more characters on the next update if you want to play a third time! Btw thank you for you videos!

Yes!! I will check it out! I am super excited!!

Deleted 90 days ago

Wow thanks Lieutenant! Trust me we're working really hard for the next version!

forever alone


Wish there were more people, from what i've seen there's only three.

Hi Thundegunner! Thanks for your comment! We are more than aware of that. We are currently working really hard to add more content in the game! Stay tuned !!

I enjoyed the references a lot! Very fun game guys, looking forward to having new partners to meet! :)

Thank you for your video!

i cant figure out how to meet up w/ people


This game was a fantastic play! It was super funny and the conversations were great! I love the multiple endings with each match! 

Such a fantastic video !! Thank you so much!!


how do I download it?

Try this button and then you can make a donation or get it for free by pressing "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Enjoy =)


nice game thought i was gonna date everyone lol

That's actually what we're aiming x) Thanks for the video!!

np :D


Rankr is a very dangerous app | Tinder Simulator https://youtu.be/jRvkvyuOfc8

Thanks Novato or should I say Skinny Pete XD !! We laughed so hard xD.... promise Nic Cage is gonna be on the next update!! Your video is so gonna help us improve the game! PS : Can you add Rankr's page link in the description of your vid?


You can call me Skinny Pete :p Glad I could help, and damn some of those girls are hard to please!

Damn I thought I had added it! Added it in now.


I definitely like the concept of this. I'm looking forward to the full release


Thanks Teensslumber! II think that your username totally match the core message of the game :) We'll keep you in touch!


Hahaha, you're welcome!