A downloadable game for Windows

The title says it all!

It's been a huge challenge and a rough weekend and … I'm pretty sure it's gonna be laggy.. like EA SimCity 4 laggy but the game is still great… I mean you don't have to create any account or face any "error 37".

Try it! I hope there will be plenty of pleople playing it together because that the purpose of it.

We enjoyed a lot working on that project. And hope you guys like it! If you think that the game could be something worth working a little more tell us in the comment bellow that will be highly apreciated.


Clowns are invading your screen ( as usual, especially after strait 30 hours of game jamming… you know it ), slap them in the face with everybody around the world and reach the top score! Be careful of the bombs ( because without them it's waaaaay too easy :) )


  • Click play.
  • Customize your character
  • Launch the game
  • Click the mofos clowns
  • Farm XP
  • Be on the top of the leaderboard
  • Avoid the bombs
  • Heal yourself with the lower right button
  • Enjoy yourself, but try not to spend hours clicking stupids clown like we did… damn that game is addictive!


Dan K. - Game Dev - UI Dev

Keesh - Server Dev - Design


Click.zip 44 MB


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What is the name of the music?

doesn't work xd

Serveur isn't online anymore. Sorry


seeing all the cursors dancing around my screen was super cute. nice game!