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This is an excellent game. The chats feel realistic. I played it twice, and the two females feel and speak with distinct personalities. The UI adds to the realism, too. Look forward to the final version! PS: Who the heck is Alex the Che Guevara fanboy? Why is he texting me?!

Really fun game!

hey there i played your game for my channel :P 

Definitely one of the funniest games i've played recently, i'd add some music in the background or some ambient noises, but it's ok. 


I think I won the game pretty fast! Atleast If I do say so myself!


Shit like this clickbait never should be in a place like Make games to play and enjoy, you don't need this kind of images...shame


Great Game - Loved it


I had to play this game a second time! I really wanted to see the other conversations with the different people in the game, as well as unlock the different achievements! Really love this game!


I honestly liked this game. I can't wait until it'll come out with more peeps!

Wow thanks Lieutenant! Trust me we're working really hard for the next version!

forever alone


Wish there were more people, from what i've seen there's only three.

Hi Thundegunner! Thanks for your comment! We are more than aware of that. We are currently working really hard to add more content in the game! Stay tuned !!

I enjoyed the references a lot! Very fun game guys, looking forward to having new partners to meet! :)

Thank you for your video!

i cant figure out how to meet up w/ people


This game was a fantastic play! It was super funny and the conversations were great! I love the multiple endings with each match! 

Such a fantastic video !! Thank you so much!!


how do I download it?

Try this button and then you can make a donation or get it for free by pressing "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Enjoy =)


nice game thought i was gonna date everyone lol

That's actually what we're aiming x) Thanks for the video!!

np :D

Deleted post

Thanks for your vid "Thisisascam" x) 


Rankr is a very dangerous app | Tinder Simulator

Thanks Novato or should I say Skinny Pete XD !! We laughed so hard xD.... promise Nic Cage is gonna be on the next update!! Your video is so gonna help us improve the game! PS : Can you add Rankr's page link in the description of your vid?


You can call me Skinny Pete :p Glad I could help, and damn some of those girls are hard to please!

Damn I thought I had added it! Added it in now.


I definitely like the concept of this. I'm looking forward to the full release

Thanks Teensslumber! II think that your username totally match the core message of the game :) We'll keep you in touch!


Hahaha, you're welcome!