Game made for LDJAM #43.

"Not so Magic!" Is a simple card game with medieval fantastic content. Beat Orcs with your Elfs earn gold and defeat our IA.

It was our first attempt to make a 3D game. We know that we're not so much in the LD's 43th theme but we wanted to make a fun game about an idea we had for months in mind.

We would be very pleased to improve the game with the following features in the next monts or so :

  • Improved models and graphics
  • Add some FX
  • Sounds and music
  • 1vs1
  • 1vs1vs1vs1
  • NetPlay

Be sure to tell us if you like the concept as much as we do so we can give a little more energy in the development of this creation. Any other feedback is also welcome!

Have fun guys!

------------------ RULES ----------------------

  • You have to play a card the same race your opponent played.
    • Exception : when you don't have any more card of the same race you can "cut" with a card with race from the current territory (and win) or any other card (and loose)
  • The highest attack rank card wins
  • You can "cut" at anytime with a card from the race on its on territory to take the turn and win but try to spare those cards wisely.

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